NFT work

A few projects I’ve worked on in the crypto space.

Crytpolexicon was a user submitted slang term dictionary project where each term was fed into a generative ai animation, then minted as a card. I designed and animated the card, the team had requested something inspired by Magic the Gathering style cards, so i added a bit of detailing in the frame and created a mutli layer crystal texture as an accent to the frame, then had the text and data on the front of the card stick off at varying heights to accent the rotation with nice parallax movement.

For the coin animation, i designed the owl graphic in Procreate, refined it in illustrator, then brought it into Blender where I extruded it out of the face of the coin that I modeled. Rendered in Eevee.

Access card for musician Mela Bee’s supporters. Partially inspired by the Fifth Element Multi-Pass, i knew i wanted a chunky metal element on the top. I added a sort of thumb print scanner element near the loop for lanyard connection. A simple 2D illustration that i really loved the final tone of once I layered in all the textures. Drawn in Procreate.

Op3n City Citizen card. Created in Blender with texture designed in Illustrator with a bit of JSPlacement for texture. Tweaked the holographic effect quite a bit trying to get it to physically react to the angle at which it faced the camera for a more authentic feel, but got pushback on the angle required for that; ended up just timing the fade with the rotation to max out the effect.

CloneX concepts. As a part of the CloneX project, having so much of a community push to improve at Blender and mod 3D assets is great. these are some early iterations on making my own sunglasses, or retexturing models, or trying some creative camera work, or compositing renders into existing images. Its very cool to be a part of.

This was a submission for a remix contest in the ApeDAO Discord, I was feeling extremely inspired by DOOM Eternal and specifically the Super Gore Nest map. Just muscles and bones and blisters and horns, intertwined with cybernetics. This visual language is crazy fun to work with, and I’m looking forward to more remixes in this tone when I find a good excuse to deploy it. Drawn in Procreate.