grit n glory

Metal shirt design. Was asked to create a design specifically evoking a 90’s Black Metal vibe. Went for an extremely crunchy, hard black & white image. Background started in Midjourney, then modified in Procreate. Viking drawn in Procreate.

Espresso skull shirt design. Modified from a poster design I had made a couple years ago, grit sold them from 2019-2021. Drawn in Procreate. Seen here modded into the videogame “Session: Skate Simulator”.

GNG DOOM concept. Dying to do throwback tees with this DOOM inspired skull in place of the regular grit skull. Just a fun concept that, if not produced in house, I will gladly wear my own personal bootlegs of. Went for less of a linework based look than my typical illustrations; opted for barely-there thin pencil lines, and a soft painterly look. Found a great YouTube tutorial on approaching the DOOM logo style lettering, including the not quite accurate 3d punch out. Drawn in Procreate with a wide array of brushes I don’t typically use.

Probably my all-time favorite of the walk-in event based flash I’ve done for Grit. The Cupid/cherub has gotten more attention than almost any other flash design I’ve ever drawn. Fun fact: its actually a modified version of something I drew for a girl on a Valentine’s Day wayyyyy back in 2008. The “SEE YA NEVER” box is undervalued, as I believe only ONE person on earth has it tattooed on them thus far.

The Coffee vs. Tea walk-in event definitely lead to some great design work by everyone. There’s just so much visually to work with. A bunch of people got the black coffee metal logo, which I love. Also, if you’re ever around downtown Orlando, the bottle of cold brew that I had in mind while drawing this was from Lineage Coffee on 50 near Mills Ave.

The trashed umbrella is by far my favorite of our 2018 NYC themed walk-in day, as trashed umbrellas are such a common sight for people around Manhattan on a stormy day. If I ever do this sheet again, I need to replace the 99 cent one with at least $1.50 because the inflation is real, especially on cheap pizza.