AR filters

Filters made for Instagram and Snapchat.

Hockey Mask filter. A simple filter, but one I’m proud of. It goes back to a Mylec hockey mask that I purchased off Ebay around 2003, actually have wore in games (and have taken pucks to), then post-high school, it mostly made appearances at parties and still hangs on my wall to this day, 20 years later. I captured a rough 3D scan of it, did a Proper poly model over it, baked down the diffuse map and added a bit of shine. After a bit of cleanup in Photoshop, the image texture works great and I wear this filter on Zoom, and you can too!

Commissioned filter for DESIGNME hair, sculpted and textured the shower cap in Blender, with a soap bubble particle-system to tie things together. Graphic design by Tracy, who is also modelling it here.

Commissioned filter for the 2020 Florida Film Festival. As things turned out, we all had more horrifying and important things going on in late spring 2020, so said festival & this filter got pushed back later in the year when things were a bit more reasonable. I used cell fracture and proportional editing in Blender to get the exploded head look, and used a particle emitter to spray popcorn png’s out of the center.

This AR arcade cabinet for the fictional game Galaxon II was a challenging and fun multidisciplinary exercise. I modeled the cabinet in blender, exported the UV maps to Procreate, where I illustrated the cabinet art for the side panels, the logo, the screen frame, and control deck, then created a pixelated animation in After Effects for the game footage loop, then I opened Garage Band and Korg Gadget on my iPad to create the sounds and backing music, which I then imported into Spark AR to make it something you could drop into an augmented reality scene.

My friend Melissa modelling this one I made early summer 2021 as a way to channel my hype for TOP GUN MAVERICK coming out. My friends and I were always geeks about the first one, so with the dragging release of the sequel due to covid, I had to make one for myself. The helmet was an existing model I bought off Turbosquid, it just needed a bit of modifying the image maps to work well in Spark AR and Snap Lens Studio.

While everyone was freaking out about Maurizio Cattelan’s iconic piece at Art Basel 2019, I saw a tweet where Brooke Shields had taped a banana to her head as a response. I immediately stopped at a Starbucks and bought a banana, took reference photos, modeled it out, and turned it into a filter so i could be a part of the chaos. People talked trash about the banana, but I don’t think i’ve seen another singular art piece garner the world’s attention so quickly. Banana modeled by Tracy. Built in Blender and Spark AR.