3D animations and still renders

Commissioned 3d animated intro for Pearls Daily for her award winning short film “Briar” (2020). Modelled the TV off some references off a central prop from the film, and had a blast simulating CRT screen effects as it comes into view. Since the film is a sort of experimental horror thriller kind of vibe, I was feeling inspired by the old Twilight Zone intro.

This is a low poly & light weight charcuterie board with wine that I made specifically to run well in-browser on websites like OnCyber’s virtual galleries. Feels like a game asset I’d see in something from 2007. Greet your virtual guests with virtual snacks while they browse your virtual art.

This isometric view coffee shop was commissioned by a tattoo client, we did this render as a digital companion to the stylized tattoo of the same image, which is going to be minted as an nft that I can edit over time, so that the piece can evolve in a way that his tattoo cannot. It’s a really cool experimental concept. The process time lapse shows it starting as a sketch in Procreate, then going to blender to be modeled and rendered, then passed back to Procreate to do a more sketchy stylized paint-over with a small color palette, then finally to a tattoo on the client’s thigh.

A loop I animated for Thanksgiving 2020 as I was learning soft-body physics simulations. To me, it was the perfect use of a simulated jelly kind of motion to have a glamor shot of everyone’s favorite questionable gelatinous holiday canned fruit topping. Audio is all from Mt. Mograph’s Boombox AE plugin.

In my time away from tattooing during the pandemic, I started making a lot of art sort of about the tattooing process, even mundane portions like filling up ink caps every time you start setting up for your next piece. Modeled and animated in Blender, using metaballs and wave distortion rather than trying to do a liquid simulation for something so small. Audio effects are from Mt. Mograph’s Boombox plugin, and I made the backing music in Garage Band.

I put this design together to celebrate getting my second shot in 2021 and could finally get back out in the world again and start going to concerts and all the things I’d been missing since 2020. The layout of the text makes me hear the hear the song every time I see it. Made in Blender.

There is a subculture within 3D animation of people capturing the primitive look and feel of Playstation 1 era graphics from the mid 90’s. As an aging millennial, this gets right to my heart strings. Its not just about having a low polygon count, because a modern low poly render has its own aesthetic that was massively popular a few years ago. For this lo-fi look, you have to do low poly modeling, covered in low resolution image texturing (with no anti-aliasing), then render it out far too small for modern screens, then upscale in post (for maximum pixel crunchiness).

I’m a total sucker for this visual style, and am very down to do tons of it. Here I’ve done a modern gaming PC as seen through 1990’s eyes, and a tattoo machine looking like some kind of in-game power up.